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Our yoga mats are here!

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We are super excited that our sustainably produced, environmentally friendly yoga mats are here – and boy are they good!

Our mats are made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced tree rubber, with a special heat bonding process used to attach the eco polyurethane top layer without using any nasty toxic glues.

These latex-free mats have been trialed and tested by the 108 team and offer an excellent nonslip surface, even in hot yoga. They provide ultimate grip and the rubber base gives you the extra support, comfort and cushioning you need (especially for your knees, hips and wrists).

The range includes five fun colours to choose from, including Bounty Blue, Paradise Pink, Goddess Green, Poised Purple and Gypsy Grey.

Don’t forget, 5% of all sales are donated to marine conservation charities and keeping our oceans plastic free!


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