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How to organise a beach clean up

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Hosting a beach clean up is a fantastic way to give back to your local community
and make a positive contribution to the environment!
Below are a few steps to take when planning your clean up;

Set your date and time
Pick a date that will fit into most peoples’ schedules so that you will have a decent number of people on the day to help out - the more hands the better! Check your local tide forecast and schedule the cleanup to line up with low tide (this is when more rubbish will wash up and be visible).
Let people know
Do a shout out to your friends, family and local community groups. Creating an event on social media can help expand your clean up group and enable you to connect with people in your community who are also interested in keeping our oceans rubbish free.
Check in with your council
Give your local council or municipality a call to let them know your plans. Chances are they won’t have any problem with it, but it’s good to give them a heads up. Who knows, they might even want to sponsor your clean up group or donate some clean up items such as gloves or biodegradable rubbish bags!
Be prepared
Don’t forgot to take protective gear along with you. Remind your volunteers to wear a hat, sunscreen and a thick pair of gloves. Take strong bags to collect the rubbish, as well as a drink bottle and some communal snacks to share after the clean up. As the group organizer you should also carry a first aid kit with you as well as a mobile phone in case of an emergency.
Sort your rubbish
As you are collecting rubbish, sort it into two different loads – rubbish and recyclables.
This helps to divert any recyclables from ending up in landfill.
Enjoy yourself and have some fun meeting like minded people in your community. Have a chat and something to eat after the clean up, or play a game of beach soccer. Take a group photo together to post to Facebook and Instagram to get people interested and wanting to tag along to the next one.


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